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University of New South Wales & Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation announce partnership



University of New South Wales 

University of New South Wales Australia (UNSW), through its National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), has officially entered into a formal strategic partnership with the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation on 11th March 2016.  The Partnership is twofold:

 Exploring a range of potential future activities that are evidence-based, likely to reduce alcohol-related harm in the community, be sustainable and globally relevant and,

ii)  Undertaking an evaluation of the Safe Space and Take Kare Ambassador Program through a proposed economic evaluation of the costs and benefits of the Safe Space initiative.  This evaluation requires obtaining three sets of data, each of which would be converted into monetary terms.

(i)       The cost of providing Safe Spaces,

(ii)      Estimating the direct benefits of Safe Spaces,

Estimating the value that the community places on having Safe Spaces available for young people.

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