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Thomas' Story


Eighteen year old Thomas Kelly was walking through Sydney's King Cross on a night out with his girlfriend on 07th July 2012 when he was coward hit in an unprovoked and cowardly attack.

His family were at home watching TV when the the call came from St.Vincent's hospital. By that time, Thomas was already undergoing emergency surgery.  Two days later, there was no choice but to switch off Tom's life support.

As a legacy, The Thomas Kelly Youth Youth Foundation was set up to reduce violence associated with alcohol in our community.

Thomas was an amazing person.  His passions in life were his music - he loved to play the drums, guitar and piano - whenever Tom was at home in Bowral, the house would be filled with his music as he learnt new songs to play.  He had a passion for rugby and tennis, along for his pets: Snowy, Casper, Molly and Zoe.  The splashes of colour in the foundations logo reflect Thomas' loves in life.

Thomas was honest in his beliefs and how he treated other's and how he expected to be treated - a pure honesty that is hard to find nowadays.  It was reflected during his school days and with his close circle of friends - he would never ever let them down.   He stood tall and proud for what he believed in - head and shoulders above everyone else.

Thomas was known by his peers at school as "TK".  We have developed programs known as "TK - Take Kare".  These are the words parents say to loved ones when they go out at night.  The objectives of TK is "Safe Cities" "Safe Streets".   Take Kare Safe Space.

We have lost a beautiful son and brother - whose life was just beginning. 

Thomas gave the gift of life by donation of his organs.  A gift so precious and unselfish - he lives on and we are so proud of him that he had wanted to be an organ donor.

Our Foundation in Thomas' name has been established so that no other family has to endure a loss like our family.


Thomas Kelly's parents Ralph and Kathy Kelly deliver powerful speeches about their sons legacy.

Ralph and Kathy Kelly, reflect on the never ending pain of loosing their son Thomas.


"Each and every day we pray he is safe and happy, he'll never leave our hearts and the sadness is that he'll never have a 21st birthday,
he'll never be married. We won't be grandparents to his children,
and that's what we have now lost."

- Ralph & Kathy Kelly




Remember Thomas for the unbelievable person he was,
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