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Statement - Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation Board

The vision of the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation is to "get our kids home safely".

The main work of the Foundation is the Take Kare Safe Spaces that are run from the CBD and Kings Cross each Friday and ‪Saturday night from 10pm to 4am.

The Take Kare Safe Spaces, staffed by volunteers, support young people to have a safe night out and return safely to their families and loved ones.

The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation and Take Kare Safe Spaces are funded by the NSW Government, the City of Sydney, the Macquarie Group Foundation and the Crown Resorts Foundation.  The majority of the funding is paid directly to the Salvation Army who manage the Take Kare Safe Space service for the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation.

The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation is not against alcohol.  It is against violence.

The Foundation does not make moral judgement on the alcohol industry or people's drinking habits.

It was established by a grieving family who's only aim is to spare other families the pain and suffering they experienced following the senseless loss of a beloved son.

Every distressed, or at risk young person, who is returned home safely due to the Foundation's work is a young person with a future still ahead of them

That is a fitting tribute to Thomas Kelly and a relief for anxious parents.

The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation Board (19.2.2016)

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