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NSW State Government - Inquiry into measures to reduce alcohol and drug-related violence

On Wednesday 04th September, 2014, the Foundation was invited to submit a proposal and present to the NSW State Government into further measures to reduce alcohol and drug violence.

Our proposed reforms are based on our platform of TAKE KARE, including:

1. Education:

i) Within schools, universities and communities - to lift the awareness of the harms and risk of excessive  alcohol consumption

ii) Education (via social media, other digital channels, print media and television) on the harms of alcohol and drugs to the community and to "Take Kare" of one another

iii) That having fun, doesn't mean you have to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs

2. Eliminating the promotion, advertising and sponsorships of alcohol within our community that is specifically targeted at our children or events that children attend or are exposed to.

3. Strengthening of the judiciary system to increase penalties for violent offenders.

The Foundation is supportive of trialling new measures and initiatives to reduce violence in society, so that all of our children come home safely.

Download the full submission from the foundation.



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