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NSW State Government partner with TAKE Kare

The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation’s Take Kare program

The NSW Government recognises and supports the work of the
Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation’s TAKE Kare program

TAKE Kare is all about responsible drinking, looking after yourself – your family, friends and even strangers. Knowing when enough is enough, stepping back from a situation that may get out of control, knowing your limitation.  Also knowing the consequences of making a wrong decision and the impact that can make on families for the rest of their lives.

There were more than 13,000 alcohol-related non-domestic assaults in NSW in the year to Dec 2013. There were an additional 1,650 alcohol related non-domestic assaults of Police in NSW over the same period.

NSW Government launched a new social marketing campaign on Friday 26th September, Stop Before It Gets Ugly to address alcohol fuelled violence in the community.


Stop Before It Gets Ugly

Everyone knows that alcohol fuelled violence is ugly. And the results of that violence are even uglier, from smashed faces and broken bones to shattered lives and wasted futures.

The consequences of alcohol fuelled violence can be life changing for both victims and aggressors.

Know your limits. Pace yourself.  Recognise the ‘tipping point’ when your behaviour starts to change, and stop before it gets ugly.

Watch out for your mates. If they’ve had too much to drink, get them to stop and help them get home safely. You can help stop it getting ugly.

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