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Sydney CBD plan of management released

The Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct will see safer streets and less alcohol related violence, following the release of a new Plan of Management for the area.

The NSW Government’s plan complements the new alcohol laws it introduced in January to address alcohol related violence.

Minister for Hospitality, Gaming and Racing Troy Grant said the plan offered comprehensive and integrated actions to target alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour.

“The plan includes measures to reduce alcohol-related harm in and around the precinct’s 1,300 licensed venues, manage public spaces to make them safer, and promote effective and diverse transport options,” he said.

Other measures include:

  • Drink restrictions after midnight.
  • Up-to-date responsible service of alcohol training for bar staff.
  • Requirements for licensees to maintain around-the-clock incident registers and preserve violent crime scenes.
  • Banning patrons wearing outlaw motorcycle gang colours from venues.
  • Banning party boats from picking up or dropping off patrons in the CBD after midnight.
  • Highly visible police within and on the fringes of the CBD and Kings Cross precincts.
  • Trialling the Sydney Sobering Up Centre where police can take intoxicated people off the streets to get sober.
  • Police enforcement of alcohol consumption bans on trains and buses to reduce pre-fuelling.
  • Installing 10 new CCTV cameras to improve responses to criminal incidents.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about these measures.



Published on by TKYF.