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MEDIA RELEASE 7th March: New Kings Cross CCTV Camera will help curtail One Hit Punches.

PRESS RELEASE                                                                                07th March 2014

CCTV Camera installed in Victoria Street, Potts Point – following the deaths of Thomas Kelly and Daniel Christie

The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation, working in conjunction with the City of Sydney, has funded and installed a CCTV camera in Victoria Street to cover the section of road where the two young men both lost their lives.

The camera has been installed and is now fully operating.

The Kelly family and directors of the foundation wanted to acknowledge the work of the local residents in maintaining a floral tribute to the boys’ lives, reflecting their concern – as with the rest of the community – at the level of violence in the suburb they call ‘home’.

Ralph Kelly said: “We see CCTV cameras contributing as a preventative measure, and whilst they won’t stop the assaults occurring by themselves, if it makes some people think twice before committing a violent attack, then they have an important role to play.

The work of the NSW Homicide division in the arrest of Thomas’ attacker was supplemented by hours of vision taken from CCTV cameras from several locations throughout Darlinghurst on the evening of the attack.  CCTV cameras have also caught on camera a number of more recent incidents of coward punches, and this footage has been instrumental in the arrest of the perpetrators.”

The Victoria Street location is known as a notorious hot spot for assaults after dark – being a drop off point for taxis and the entrance to the Kings Cross train station.

Madeleine Kelly (18), Thomas’ sister, and Chris Lee (20), a victim of a vicious assault in Darlinghurst, presented the new CCTV Camera to local residents: Jenny Green, Geoff Field, Jason Kerr and Ross Loader.

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