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Citizens' Jury - How can we ensure we have a vibrant and safe Sydney nightlife?

The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation team up with the independent, non-partisan research organisation newDemocracy Foundation to develop a new approach to solving the impasse. 

β€œThe City is already working in partnership with the NSW Government to tackle the issue of late night violence in our city and while there have been some important improvements, more needs to be done.” 

The recommendations will be considered by the City of Sydney and tabled in State Government by the Premier of NSW. 

In early 2014, a Citizens' Jury made up of 43 people randomly selected from the Sydney community will be asked to consider the important question:

How can we ensure we have a vibrant and safe Sydney nightlife?

The Jury will meet for 5 days over a 3 month period to consider this question in detail, engage in deliberations and produce 5 recommendations. The Lord Mayor has committed to take the Jury's  recommendations to Council and respond. The Premier has committed to table the recommendations in Parliament unedited.

As part of the Jury's research, the newDemocracy Foundation is collecting submissions from members of the community and interested stakeholders. We invite you to find out more about the process by reading the FAQs and encourage you to make a submission.

Information on the progress of the Jury is available on this site including submissions received, information for observers, the agenda for each day and podcasts of proceedings. This information will be regularly updated throughout the Jury process.

The City of Sydney is supporting the process by hosting this information page. We will also make our research from the OPEN Sydney Strategy and Action Plan available to the Jury in a submission.

Agencies, stakeholders and the community are already working together on options to improve Sydney after dark. The Citizens' Jury provides a significant opportunity to build on the progress made so far.

Observe Citizens Jury Proceedings

The Citizens' Jury will meet for the first time on Saturday 1 Feburary in the Vestibule of Sydney Town Hall from 9:30am. 

We are inviting members of the community to attend as observers.  Places are limited so if you would like to attend please register your interest by with the subject line 'Citizens' Jury: Observer' and include your details and when you wish to attend.

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