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Heaven-Haven: CD released in Thomas' name

Relevant to the basic issues that confront those who dare to roam in our streets during the night, which as you are well aware are no longer safe.

You also may recall the first ‘coward hit’ that impacted not only on Thomas Kelly, but two others and continues to resonate to the present day.

Our composer Phillip Wilcher was deeply shaken by this event and like so many composers turned to his art for solace, but also with a view to giving some comfort to the Kelly family and to the world at large.  He chose Gerard Manly Hopkins’s poem, Heaven-Haven, and used it to inspire a string quartet that bears the same name. This work was performed at The Kings School with Kelly’s parents present at the end of last year. In the true generosity of the fine composer that he is, Phillip then arranged to have the work plus a number of others, recorded by a String Quartet, drawn from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the well-known pianist Jeanell Carrigan. Further, Phillip has requested that the proceeds that would normally be paid to him be redirected to the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation. 

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Published on by Ralph Kelly.