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Leading doctors join forces to challenge governments over alcohol laws

After witnessing the high price of alcohol-related violence, eminent medical specialists from St Vincent's Hospital have issued an ultimatum to governments to rein in rampant alcohol abuse.

Pointing to street assaults blamed on drunkenness, including attacks that left two men in neighbouring beds in the hospital's intensive care ward before Christmas, the hospital's specialists are pooling their knowledge to combat the violence.

Published in SMH

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Cost of alcohol abuse to the NSW Government

Cost of alcohol abuse to the NSW Government

Auditor-General's Report to Parliament

Counting the cost of alcohol abuse

The NSW Government does not estimate or report the total cost of alcohol abuse. The Audit Office of New South Wales’ sponsored research estimates it costs the government over $1 billion a year, or around $416 from each NSW household.

“If social costs are included, the total cost of alcohol abuse in New South Wales is around $3.87 billion per annum, or about $1,565 from each household,” said Mr Achterstraat.

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