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Violence continues to destroy families

Violence continues to destroy families

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione last year noted the extraordinary decline in violent assaults near Sydney pubs and clubs just one year after new drinking laws were introduced.


The numbers spoke for themselves. According to Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research statistics, assaults were down by 32 per cent in Kings Cross and down by a massive 40 per cent in central Sydney after new laws were put in place in 2014 for 1.30am lockouts and 3am last drinks.

It is vital that we never forget the tragic reasons for those new laws.

The Daily Telegraph launched our “Enough” campaign following the shocking one-punch deaths of Daniel Christie and Thomas Kelly, two innocent young men whose senseless killings outraged Sydney.

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Alcohol sending hundreds of thousands into hospital each year

Alcohol sending hundreds of thousands into hospital each year

Alcohol is sending hundreds of thousands of people to emergency departments each year, far outranking the scourge of ice, research on Australian and New Zealand hospitals has found.

Julia Medew

Health Editor, Sydney Morning Herald (24th November 2015)

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Alcohol is destroying us: Four Australians share their stories

The newly-released Alcohol’s Burden of Disease in Australia report found that alcohol is responsible for 15 deaths every day. That’s a 60 per cent increase from a decade ago. In addition to this, another 430 people are admitted to hospital for treatment for alcohol-related injuries or disease every day.

If you are surprised by these statistics, you’re not alone.

“The Australian medical profession is profoundly concerned that the harms of alcohol are getting worse — domestic violence, depression, deaths from trauma, obesity — the list goes on,” Dr Stephen Parnis, Emergency Physician and Vice President of the AMA.

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