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A shocking sport - based on horrific violence

A shocking sport - based on horrific violence

The reaction of most people when they get a close-up look at the video of what happened in the so-called "Ultimate Fighting Championship", which took place in Etihad Stadium in Melbourne on Sunday, in front of a record-breaking 56,000 spectators.  Just 59 seconds into the second round, American woman Holly Holm unleashes a left-foot kick to the head of undefeated champion Ronda Rousey, to go with the series of fearful left hooks that have already repeatedly snapped her head back and cut her lip.

As the foot connects, Rousey goes down like a sack of spuds, albeit one with brain trauma. Holm then falls upon Rousey's prone form and gives her another couple of smacks to the head for good measure.

The referee calls off the fight, Holm is declared the winner, and new World Bantamweight champion, the UFC world rejoices, and . . .

And what? 

The red flashing lights? Aw, don't worry about that.  That is Rousey, after also receiving stitches to her split lip, being taken to hospital. She was still too out of it to even think of making the post-fight press conference, but I'm sure she'll be all right. Forget her, I say! 


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