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The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation was formed following the death of 18 year old Thomas Kelly, who was coward hit in an unprovoked attack in Sydney’s King Cross in July 2012.

The Foundation’s voice has been a powerful catalyst in communicating the need for social and behavioural change and changing Australia’s drinking culture through education and Take Kare initiatives.

Promoting the prevention of harmful behaviour, including that associated with alcohol abuse, self-harm and suicide, is at the core of the Foundation’s Take Kare and Stay Kind work.  

Its educational programs and outreach activities aim to create a safer and healthier community, especially for young Australians. 

60 Minutes on Stay Kind Day

The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation launches the Stay Kind initiative in memory of Stuart Kelly, who can be remembered for his continued support and kindness to his brother Thomas.

The second Stay Kind Day will be held at ANZ Stadium Sydney on Monday 02nd April 2018.

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Join us Easter Monday 02 April 2018 for Stay Kind day

Join us Easter Monday 02 April 2018 for Stay Kind day

We're looking for volunteers to help us on Stay Kind Day, at the ANZ Stadium.  If your over 18 years of age and want to get involved please register below.



TAKE Kare in memory of Thomas, is all about responsible drinking, looking after yourself, your family, friends and even strangers.  

The TAKE Kare Safe Space program operating in two Sydney locations (Sydney Town Hall and Kings Cross) since 2014, with Darling Harbour commencing early 2017 - the program has helped over 60,000 people get home safely, through 45,000 hours of volunteering.

Find out more about Safe Space or to volunteer click here.