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Our vision is to foster a more responsible drinking culture and ultimately a safer and healthier community, so that everyone can enjoy our streets without fear or intimidation of a violent and often unprovoked attack.  It's every Australian's right to be able to enjoy our beautiful cities without undue peer pressure and crime. 

Our advisory team includes representatives from drug and alcohol research,
health, education, community, business and our Youth Ambassadors.  




Madeleine Kelly - Thomas' sister

Madeleine Kelly - Thomas' sister

MADELEINE KELLY: Growing up you always think that no matter what life takes you through, your siblings will always be standing by you until your of an old age.

Losing my older brother at the young age of 17 was the most shocking and heartbreaking situation a young teenager could possibly face.

I have been mentally and emotionally strained since Thomas’ death, having to helplessly fight a relentless and desperate part of myself that still believes Tom couldn’t be gone.

Chris Lee - Victim of crime

Chris Lee - Victim of crime

CHRIS LEE: At the age of 20, my life to this point has been a filled with high points of incredibly great opportunities, one of which was my dedication and hard work paying off in my acceptance to the Army.

In one night however, months of hard work became wasted when an alcohol fuelled street fight ended with me being stabbed - losing sight in my left eye, and losing my chance at my dream job.

The irresponsibility of drinking that leads to this sort of violence is exactly what the TKYF is fighting against, and as their youth ambassador I want to help create safety in our communities by encouraging the youth to drink responsibly, and remember just how fragile and interconnected our lives are – your actions towards others affect the lives of everyone connected to them.

The TKYF is a part of my life which is bittersweet, while I wish it there was no need for it, it is a brave initiative by the Kelly family to honour the lives of all affected by alcohol related violence, as well as a selfless stance to stop more lives being lost.

As grateful as I am for the good people I’ve met in my recovery, I wish the TKYF didn’t exist and I wish I’d never met the wonderful Kelly family.  There are just some good things you would trade, so that you could have greater things back. The life of Tom, and all other innocent people killed as a result of alcohol related violence are those greater things.

Chis is the founder of Conviction Group aims to encourage young males to re-evaluate their perspectives on pivotal issues concerning young men’s health and empower enhanced decision-making. Conviction Group provides mentoring services and hosts forums.

Rebekah  Stokes - Victim of Violence

Rebekah  Stokes - Victim of Violence

REBEKAH STOKES: In December 2013 - four days before Christmas, I became the victim of a cowardly act that was committed by a man. With one unprovoked punch to the back of my head, my whole life changed. 

That night, I was admitted to hospital with a traumatic brain injury. Eight months later, I’m still experiencing seizures.  I’m at the beginning of my recovery process and still coming to terms with the impact of this event and that nothing will ever be the same again. 

My Facebook page, ‘Stop the coward punch’ was created because I wanted to add my voice to the conversation. Until it happened to me, I didn’t understand the full impact of alcohol fueled violence has or how precious life really is. 

As a victim and an ambassador for the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation, I want to bring to light the issues that surround this senseless violence.  I’m committed to raising awareness and ensuring that everyone knows that violence in any form doesn’t just affect victims. It affects the whole community and yours could be the next life to change in an instant.  By working together, we can create a safe environment where everyone can have a great night out and not have to pay with their lives. 

Rebekah is organising a fundraiser for the Foundation "lifting above violence". Click here to find out more.