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Take Kare Safe Space Canberra


Getting Our Kids Home Safely in Canberra

Take Kare Safe Space opened on 9.12.16 and will operate out of a marquee at the Platform Eight Interchange in Canberra's CBD on Friday and Saturday nights; from 10pm to 4am, the trial will continue until March 2017.

While most people are in bed by midnight, a number of Canberra volunteers have chosen to stay awake in attempt to help partygoers return home safe.  Thongs and water bottles are among some of the items being handed out to the city's youth following the launch of a new program called Take Kare Safe Space.

The program operates out of a marquee in the CBD and aims to provide a safe haven for young people to hydrate and get home safely following a big night out.

The initiative is a partnership with the ACT Government, St John Ambulance,
Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation and businesses around Canberra.