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Ralph Kelly is the father of Thomas. Initially with the support of a friend and then as CEO of the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation, Ralph has pro-actively campaigned for behavioral change in the community, social support for victims of violence as well as violence protection.  This has resulted in the provision of Take Kare Safe Spaces in the Sydney CBD, a Financial Hardship Victim Support program through the Department of Justice and a soon to be implemented UNSW research study of the Safe Space programs.  Notably the Take Kare Safe Space program has recorded over 19 000 incidents of assistance between December 2014 and June 2016.  Ralph voluntarily oversees the Take Kare program initiatives, day to day operations of the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation and relationship management of all stakeholders.

After three months of sitting in a room with mornings turning into night, a family friend was finally able to get through to Ralph that something had to be done to change the issues confronting not only Sydney but Australia.

Together they started to grind the pavement day after day (for over eight months) meeting with everyone who could give them advice and feedback. From heads of industry, chancellors of our top universities, bankers, accountants, medical experts, drug and alcohol experts, the NSW Police Commissioner, the Homicide division, State Members of the NSW Parliament, The Premier of NSW through to the Office of the Prime Minister.

They found a common denominator - the only way change will come, is if the community get together as one voice and force governments to make reform to this crucial crises that confronts every one of us.

A board was formed for the Foundation. A board that could add weight in specific areas when needed. A board who would have the same passion - to make change.

The Kelly family have absolute determination not to let Thomas' senseless and cowardly death to have been in vain. They're sole aim is to make sure that no other family has to endure a child dying or suffering permanent brain damage.