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Research Partnerships and Community Programs

Peter Miller is Professor of Violence Prevention and Addiction Studies at the School of Psychology, Deakin University. Peter has recently completed three of the largest studies ever conducted into licensed venues, comparing 11 Australian cities (and Wellington, NZ) over 5 years and talking to more than 15,000 patrons.  Peter has edited one book and has over 100 peer-reviewed articles as well as numerous government reports.

Peter's current projects include: an Australia Research Council Linkage grant in collaboration with the Cancer Council and the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) to investigate the role of vested interests such as the tobacco, alcohol and gambling in preventing effective health policy; Drug and Alcohol intoxication and Subsequent Harm in night-time Entertainment Districts (DASHED), examining the relationship between alcohol consumption, intoxication, substance use, crime and other risky behaviour in and around licensed premises in Canberra and Hobart; Alcohol and Drug Involvement in family and Domestic Violence in Australia (ADIVA), focusing on alcohol and other drug (AOD) - related violence and the impact of different police responses on recidivism rates; and an ARC Discovery project evaluating risk-based licensing (RBL) schemes for the sale of alcohol at on-licensed premises in Australia. Peter is also working with eight Emergency Departments across Australia on systematic screening of alcohol-related harm including a public health intervention identifying the sources of alcohol which drive emergency department attendances.