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16th September - Take Kare fundraising dinner at Star City Sydney.

10th August - Press conference to announce the new funding partners for the next 3 years of Safe Space. Read more

3rd July - Kings Cross Safe Space opens.

10th March - TFN Fundraiser in Sydney.  Presenting along with 3 other charities, $212,000 was raised that night across the four charities.

4th March - Take Kare Ambassador Morning tea at Town Hall with The Lord Mayor.  The Lord Mayor - Clover Moore, personally extended an invitation to all of the Take Kare volunteers to attend a "Thank you" morning tea to recognise the volunteers of the 'Safe Space and Take Kare Ambassador Program."

9th February -  The Foundation partners with NAPPA.


18th December - Foundation Newsletter CLICK TO READ MORE

5th December - TAKE Kare Safe spaces opens. The foundation alongside the City to Sydney, the Premiers Department and the Salvation Army officially launch the Take Kare Safe Space in Sydney CBD at Town Hall Square. The Safe Space program will commence each Friday and Saturday night 10pm to 4am over an initial trial period of 3 months.

We are hoping to make a huge difference in prevention of assault - both violence and sexual.


24th November - Ralph Kelly talks to Ray Hadley on 2 GB about comments made by former Attorney General Greg Smith. The audio can be heard here. HEAR MORE

29th September - NSW State Government in conjunction with TAKE Kare, launch major awareness campaign across NSW to prevent and minimise alcohol fuelled violence; "Stop Before It Gets Ugly."


15th September - Official launch of the "Take Kare, Safe Space" program.  A joint initiative between the NSW State Government, City of Sydney, NSW Police, Salvation Army, St. Vincent's Hospital and the Foundation.

Aimed at helping the most vulnerable - intoxicated youth, so that they don't become a victim or an offender.


11th September - Professor Brian Owler (President AMA), Anne Trimmer (Secretary General AMA), Ralph & Kathy Kelly meet with the NSW Premier Mike Baird and Stuart Ayres (Minister for Police & Emergency Services) to discuss a number of proposed reforms and initiatives to further reduce alcohol fuelled violence.

11th September - Ralph Kelly talks with Stuart Bocking on 2UE about life after loosing a child.  The audio can be heard here:


July - TAKE KARE next steps project planning in progress. Our purpose "to get our kids home safely"

04th July - Criminal Court of Appeal (CCA), original sentence from 08th November 2013 quashed, new sentence imposed by three panel judge.

20th May - Family 'Victim Impact Statements' now play a part in sentencing.  

A victim impact statement given by a family victim may, on the application of the prosecutor and if the court considers it appropriate to do so, be considered and taken into account by a court in connection with the determination of the punishment for the offence on the basis that the harmful impact of the primary victim’s death on the members of the primary victim’s immediate family is an aspect of harm done to the community.

07th March -  The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation, working in conjunction with the City of Sydney, has funded and installed a CCTV camera in Victoria Street to cover the section of road where two young men both lost their lives. The camera has been installed and is now fully operating.

06th March - Mayor Clover Moore announces 10 new CCTV camera's for Sydney CBD.

01st March - Telegraph UK interview on one punch crackdown.

24th February - Bloomberg News USA report on one-punch sentencing goes world-wide.

23rd February - From midnight the 1.30am lockouts, 3.00am last drinks and 10.00pm bottle shop closures take effect in Sydney.

18th February - the Foundation paid and installed a fixed CCTV camera in Victoria Street, Potts Point, to cover the blind spot location where both Thomas and Daniel lost their lives.

07th February –  Meeting with the Attorney General’s department to consult on legislation to provide that New South Wales courts may consider "Victim Impact Statements" (VIS) by family victims when determining an offender’s sentence in a homicide case and to request extending VIS to those people who may have been with the victim at the time of the homicide.

06th February – community petition is closed, achieving 144,331 signatures and becoming the second largest petition in Australia for Change.

01st February - the Lord Mayor Clover Moore, an initiative instigated by the TKYF, opens newDemocracy citizen’s jury.  One question: “How can we ensure we have a vibrant and safe Sydney nightlife?”

21st January – One Punch Law.  Barry O'Farrell announces sweeping inclusions to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence, a first for Sydney and NSW.  Included in the announcement are amendments to licensing hours for the CBD and Kings Cross.

17th January - TKYF and UTS (Designing out Crime) hold a “think tank” on establishing long-term social and cultural change programs - under “Take Kare.” (Thomas’ initials).

13th January - Ralph Kelly personally delivered the 132,000-strong petition to the offices of NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and Attorney-General Greg Smith.


20th December - A five-judge panel will decide next year whether a guideline judgment on "unprovoked, random and gratuitous" one-punch killings should be handed down.

14th December - Police "Operation Unite; rates NSW as the number one State effected by alcohol-fuelled violence.

08th December – Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, announces 10 new CCTV cameras to be installed at a cost of $350,000 over the next six months into Sydney CBD. TKYF has been working alongside the City of Sydney on increasing CCTV coverage and awareness.

04th December - Ralph Kelly and Alexander Street SC meet with the NSW Attorney General Hon. Greg Smith to introduce fundamental additions to the NSW Sentencing Act 1999.

12th November - Attorney General, Hon. Greg Smith, announces the new “One-Punch law”.

10th November – Petition is launched calling for community support on tougher sentencing laws, including mandatory minimum sentencing.

10th November – Ralph and Kathy Kelly speak with Michael Usher on 60 Minutes about the inadequacies of NSW Legal (justice) system.

18th September  - Official launch of the “Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation” at The Star Sydney, with a guest list of sports professionals, media, politicians and corporate guests and concerned parents.

15th September - Ralph & Kathy Kelly speak with Allison Langdon on 60 Minutes about the future purpose of the Foundation.

08th August – Foundation engages in conversation with the City of Sydney, the Salvation Army, St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Kings Cross LAC (Police) to enable a “Safe Zone” to assist intoxicated vulnerable youth.  Later the NSW Dpt. of Health and the Premiers Department are to become involved.

06th August - The Auditor General announces that the annual cost of alcohol abuse in NSW costs the Government $1B per year; including social cost this figure skyrockets to over $3.87B.

August - newDemocracy research approved and funded by NSW Govt. & City of Sydney, to commence in February 2014.

22nd July - DGR status granted to the Foundation – a major milestone for any charity.

07th July - full page ‘open letter’ in the Sun Herald, on the first anniversary of Thomas’ death, to the NSW Premier calling for change to make Sydney safer for all of us.

23rd April – meeting with the NSW Premier, Mr. Barry O’Farrell.

10th April – the Prime Minister Julia Gillard issues a message of support for the foundation and the work it is undertaking.

March - Foundation web site went live

25th March – The inaugural Board meeting of Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation at Macquarie Bank, Sydney.

14th March – initial meeting with the NSW Attorney General, Hon. Greg Smith at Parliament House.

06th March – Initial meeting with Michael Willing (Head of NSW Homicide division).


17th December - Incorporation of the Foundation with ASIC.

06th December – Initial meeting with NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione.  His words of wisdom back then to us: “Rule 101 – What does Victory look like?  Then work backwards from there.  The NSW Police force supports your cause.”

October - Commenced working on the legal establishment of the Foundation.

11th July – as the police have no leads on the identity of the attacker, Ralph & Kathy conduct interviews on the ABC 7.30 Report and 60 Minutes in an effort to find their son’s killer.

07th July 2012 – Thomas was dropped off by a taxi with two friends in Victoria Street, Kings Cross at 10.05pm to attend a work colleagues 18th birthday party in a private club they had rented.  He was punched in an unprovoked attack at 10.07pm. 09th July, Thomas’ life ended with his life support turned off at 8.00pm. Thomas’ organs were donated.