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Ian Penman has had a long and successful career in the IT industry including 18 years with IBM in Australia, the US and Europe, before spending 15 years heading up Compaq Computer Corporation in Australia and at Volante, a publicly listed company.  Ian brings a wealth of international and domestic experience including 16 years as CEO and a proven track record of strategic corporate development.  

During Ian’s stewardship of Compaq in the APAC region, he built a company from one employee to 2860 employees with revenues of $1.6 Billion and exceptional profitability.  His expertise in building complex organisations, executive teams, exceeding stakeholder expectations and the management of risk.  Ian’s expertise will also enable the provision of sound advice in repositioning, strategy and finance.
Ian Penman is also a Director of the Real Estate Investar Group and also serves as Chairperson of the Audit Committee.