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Community Programs (Victims of Violence)

Howard is a 61 year-old failed legal student who after studying Law for six years found himself unable to pass the subject of Taxation. He then became a Private Investigator and was working as same in 1988 when one of his friends was murdered. It was at this point that Howard realised that what he had learned at Law School was not really accurate and that there was no real protection for Victims of Crime. Howard attended the inaugural meeting of VOCAL and became a member and went straight onto the committee, in 1989.  Howard then established the Sydney arm of the Victims of Crime Assistance League (Vocal) in 1991.

Howard is a member of the Victims Advisory Board, NSW Sentencing Council, and the DNA Review Panel.  Provides assistance to Homicide Victims Support Group, Enough is Enough, Mission Australia, Stacsa (stand together against Sexual Abuse) Gunnedah, Homicide Victims Association. He has also held the positions of President, Vice-President of VOCAL Hunter, and is a Life Member.

Howard is a Victims Advocate for Victims of Crime before the Mental Health Review Tribunal and NSW Parole Authority. He is also engaged in restorative justice programs through The Department of Juvenile Justice and was involved as a Victims representative in the trial of the Forum Sentencing Scheme out of Liverpool Court. Howard is now working with Burwood Court as the rollout of Forum Sentencing is extended to that court.  Howard was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in June of 2004 for his work with Victims of Crime.  In 2011 Howard was made an Honorary Fellow of the University of New South Wales for his work with the University and for Victims of Crime.